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Our Church

St Nicholas Cathedral Indoor Picture of the Altar
St Nicholas Nash Front of the Cathedral
Inside of the St Nicholas Nash Cathedral.

Join us every Saturday at 6pm for Vespers service, and Sundays at 10am for Divine Liturgy.


Divine Liturgy for all Orthodox Great Holidays takes place at 10am, along with Vespers services on the evening before each Great Holiday at 6pm.


Dear faithful people, you are the most beautiful ornament of our sanctuary. Believers attend every service and pronounce their prayers to the Merciful Lord to have them heard. This is the basic mission of our Church and we need to emphasize our spiritual growth along with the everyday material possessions in our lives. Through prayer, sacraments, and interviews with priests, believers find a comfort and a way of overcoming a variety of temptations and challenges to which they are exposed day to day. We pray to the Lord our Savior and St. Father Nicholas to strengthen us and make us wiser to work better and progress farther: To give us unity and strength, courage, faith, hope, and love, so that we can better witness and understand our Orthodox faith.

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