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Logo of Nash Krst

Nash Krst

St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Cathedral is proud of its youngest and newest auxiliary group, “Nash Krst”. Nash Krst is a self-directed group of young adults who organize community fundraisers, lectures, and help maintain our church and hall.

Most recently, Nash Krst built a patio for our parishioners behind our holy church. Each year, they run a food-drive for homeless shelters. Additionally, they organize lectures (i.e. “The First Thousand Years of Christianity”, “Holy Scripture”), conducted by clergy from the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada, and other academics.

Nash Krst celebrates their Slava in honor of Holy Emperors Constantine and Jelena.


If you would like to join Nash Krst, please call the auxiliary leaders:


Luka Zivkovic – 289-680-0331

Damjan Samac – 289-700-3983


May the Lord God, through the prayers of the Holy Emperors Constantine and Jelena, give our youth an abundance of His blessing, wisdom and progress in every work pleasing to God.

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