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Saint Sava Academy

The Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of its first archbishop the founder of state and school - Saint Sava. All schools in Serbia, Republika Srpska, Serbian Diaspora and the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrate Savindan, the day of St. Sava the founder of state and school.


St. Sava was the first Serbian archbishop, saint and enlightener. Sveti Sava is considered to be the beginner of Serbian medieval literature, and therefore is the protector of educational institutions.


Sveti Sava established independent - autocephalus  Serbian Orthodox Churc in 1219. He wrote "Nomokanon" (1220) and "The Synod of Orthodoxy" (1221) which are legal and spiritual pillars of Serbian statehood.


In 1823, Prince Miloš Obrenović ordered that St. Sava Day be celebrated as a school Slava in Serbia.


Atanasije Nikolic, Rector of Licea in Kragujevac on January 2, 1840, decided to celebrated St. Sava Day as School Slava. That year St. Sava Day was celebrated in Kragujevac and Belgrade.

The Saint Sava Academy in Hamilton is attended by priests , faithful parishioners, students of the Serbian school, their parents, relatives, and numerous guests.

You can also help in organization of the Svetosavska Academy, through  volunteering for the preparation  or as a benefactor of this celebration through other forms of work, assistance and donations.


The revenues gained through this event will be used to improve working conditions in our Serbian school. Over 120 children attending this school will be grateful to you, and we will thank you when we mention all our benefactors during the celebration, and by promoting your business (by setting up business cards at all tables), and your name will be on the school website. Thank you in advance.

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