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Our church choir sings responses and prayers during Divine Liturgy, as well as during weddings and funerals (upon request). We practice on Monday evenings at 7pm. Please attend one of our practices to join. Additionally, we serve coffee and cake after most Sunday services – feel free to attend if you have any inquiries.

If you would like our choir to sing at one of your events, please download the form below, and visit us Sundays after Divine Liturgy to discuss details and make a payment. Additionally, you can email for more information.

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A Condensed History of St. Nicholas
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral Choir

The St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Cathedral Choir came into existence in 1964 under the leadership of President Jovo Borovich and the capable directorship of Slavko Zubac. The choir had a humble beginning, singing responses to the Holy Liturgy held at the Queen’s hall, a temporary home which was donated by

Mrs. Milica Chelar and Mr. Marko Chelar. The choir has continuously sang responses to the Holy Liturgy at our now, St. Nicholas Cathedral since consecration in 1965.


Slavko Zubac started a junior choir in 1968 and passed on the directorship of the senior choir to Roger Todorovic with teaching help from Peter Bila.

St Nicholas Nash Choir Picture

In 1972 the St. Nicholas Cathedral Choir's current directress Protinica Mira Stojsavljevic arrived. Mira's dedication to the choir has lasted over 3 decades and continues to this day.

The St. Nicholas Cathedral choir holds annual concerts where we host choirs from other Serbian Church communities. We often represent our community by singing events hosted by other communities. The St. Nicholas Cathedral Choir continues to uphold the SSF mission to help perpetuate and promote the cultural, liturgical and ethnic music of our Serbian forefathers.

St Nicholas Nash Choir Picture
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