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Circle of Serbian Sisters - Queen Mary

The first in Canada Circle of Serbian Sisters Kraljica Marija was founded in Hamilton, Ontario 83 years ago on February 25, 1934.   This Circle or “Kolo” was modeled after the original Kolo established in Belgrade in 1903.  It was named in honour of Her Royal Highness Queen Mary, Queen Consort and wife of King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.


Kolo Kraljica Marija has contributed to many of the Serbian Churches and Monasteries in Serbia and in the Diaspora.    The St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Cathedral on Nash Road in Hamilton has been the major beneficiary of the Kolo’s donations. Some of the donated items were five beautiful Chandeliers, stained glass windows, and various religious objects.   Also donated were priest’s vestments, the Chalice, other sacred vessels and utensils, and most recently, the Holy Gospel.


 The Kolo has supported many charities including war orphans in Serbia; HRH Princess Katherine’s Lifeline Foundation; Czar Lazar’s humanitarian fund for flood relief in 2014.  The kolo has also donated to many Hamilton charities.  These include Mission Services, Women’s shelters, The Red Cross and The Canadian Cancer Society and others.


Some of our kolo sisters have been members since its formation in 1934 and many have been with the kolo since 1964.  This proves the strength, unity and value of the kolo. From 1964 to date the KSSKM has donated over $164,000 to the church and to deserving causes within the Hamilton community.


On Sunday, October 29, 2017 the KSSKM marked their 83rd year as a humanitarian organization

Celebrating their Slava,  Svetka Petka and honouring their passed Sisters with a Parastos.


As a longstanding women’s organization in the Serbian Canadian community and one of the oldest women’s organization in Canada.  The  KSSKM will continue to show  compassion, generosity and selfless work.  The  KSSKM looks forward to a positive and productive future while honouring and remembering its past.



We are looking for historical artifacts as well as pictures in order to honour our past sisters.  These members took food from their own families in order help others.  These were selfless individuals who contributed to our community well-being.


We are looking for young members with fresh ideas in order to build a better future in our community.  The diversity of ideas are instrumental to an organization’s success.


Our slava will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Nada Knezevic



Mira Cviticanin

1st Vice President


Nena Dabic

2nd Vice President


Ruza Loncar



Milena Balta


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