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History of the St.Nicholas Choir

When a new church school in Hamilton was founded in 1964, a group of parishioners began to organize a church choir that would participate in the Holy Liturgies with their singing. The first few rehearsals and sessions were held in the house of Đura and Melani Pavlović, while the weekly service continued to be held at the Queen's Center, owned by Marko and Milica Čelar, until the new hall and church of St. Nicholas in May 1965 was completed From 1968 to 1972, Roger Todorovic conducted a chorus in the church, while Slavko Zubac tried to establish and teach a new youth - junior choir. In May 1969, the choir performed for the first time at the Serbian Singing Union Festival held in Youngstown, Ohio. In those early years, our choir teamed with the choir members from Toronto, Niagara and Lackawana, and the Third District of the Serbian Singing Association was formed. In the autumn of 1972, Prot Nikola Stojsavljević came to be Hamilton's couples along with his son, then Ston, deacon. Thus, at that time, the wife of deacon Steve, Mira took over the role of conductor and this duty unselfishly performed all these years as it is today. On November 10, 1975 our choir officially became a member of the Serbian Singing Union of North America, an organization that nurtures and maintains love for church and folk music. Another significant event in the history of our choir was certainly the visit of His Holiness to Serbian Patriarch Pavle on October 21, 1992. Then, together with the choir Stevan Mokranjac, we had the privilege of responding to the Holy Bishop's Liturgy in the church of St. Nicholas's Church on Barton Street, and at evening in the evening worship service in our Cathedral on Our street. In 1995, we had the honor to participate in the sanctuary of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton. We felt great pride and the privilege of being part of history in such an important event in the life of our church in Canada. A year later we were awarded the Order of St. Sava for 20 years of our tireless participation in the Holy Liturgies as well as on other important activities in the diocese of Canada. In 2013, the goal of our annual concert was to gather all our current and former members. It was a very emotional and fun evening because we had the opportunity to reunite with many people that we did not see for a long time, as well as those who came from far away. Before our 50th anniversary, we had the desire to publish a Christmas CD and this wish came true thanks to the financial help and production of Steve Milunovic and his sister Grega Spanovic. We thank them a lot once again. Over the years, our choir has always contributed everything that can not only spiritually but also financially to our Church Church. At Holy Liturgies, Weddings, Meaning or other events that were organized under the auspices of our Church School. We also provided assistance in our capabilities to other Serbian Church and Municipalities as well as to charity organizations. We participated in many festivals and conventions of the Serbian Singing Association in Canada and the USA. We tried to present our church church municipality at the highest level, which is very deserving of our ravine Mira Stojsavljević who with her talent and sacrifice has contributed a lot. For more than five decades, we have served our Orthodox Church with great love. That was the main motive for everything we do. It has been a long time of passage and many memories have come to life and we hope that this will continue the new generations that come with the same love and with God's help.

Choir Event & Coffee List. January - June 2018



6. Badnje Vece 6 P.M. (come a little earlier)

7. Bozic. Divine Liturgy at 10 AM (come a little earlier)

8. No Choir Practice

14. Nick & Nora -Coffee and Cake

15. Choir Meeting

21. Millie & Suzan -Coffee and Cake

22. No Choir Practice

28. Tomi and Aco -Coffee & Cake

29. No Choir Practice




4. Anka & Julie -Coffee & Cake

5. No Choir Practice

11. Stana & Peter M. -Coffee & Cake

12. Choir Practice

18. Vera M. & Peter J. -Coffee & Cake

19. No Choir Practice. GREAT LENT BEGINS -POST

25. Sunday of Orthodoxy – Orlic Family & Helen -Coffee & Cake – POSNO

26. No Choir Practice




4. Milos & Jelena -Coffee & Cake -POSNO

5. Choir Practice

11. Marko & Radovan -Coffee & Cake -POSNO

12. Choir Practice

18. Church Annual General Meeting ( AGM ). Krofne and Coffee by CSS

19. Choir Practice

25. Pr. Nena & Jackie -Coffee & Cake -POSNO

26. Choir Practice




1. PALM SUNDAY – Jovanka & Diane -Coffee & Cake -POSNO

2. No Choir Practice

8. Easter Sunday - Divine Liturgy at 10 AM

9. Easter Monday – No Choir Practice

15. Draga & Mira M. -Coffee & Cake

16. Choir Practice

22. Sandi & Vera V. -Coffee & Cake

23. Choir Practice

29. Desa & Milan -Coffee and Cake

30. Choir Practice



6. Nora & Nick -Coffee and Cake

7. Choir Practice

13. Millie & Suzan -Coffee & Cake

14. Choir Practice

20. Tomi and Aco -Coffee & Cake

21. Victoria Day No Practice

27. George & Stevie -Coffee & Cake

28. Choir Practice

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