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Празник над празницима - Васкрсење Господње

Овај радосни дан који створи Господ, прослављен је торжествено у Саборном храму Св. оца Николаја у Хамилтону.

Васкрсно јутрење започело је у поноћ трокраким опходом око светог храма. Велики број верника, поготово младих, није обесхрабрила студен неуобичајена за ово доба године. Појући "Васкрсење Твоје Христе Спасе, анђели на небесима песмом славе, удостој и нас на земљи, да Те чистим срцем славимо", проте Ђуро и Дејан предводили су литију и уз појање тропара "Христос Васкрсе из мртвих, смрћу смрт уништи и онима у гробовима живот дарова" свечано су ушли у свети храм, праћени мноштвом народа.

На сам дан Васкрса, служена је Света Литургија, а на свештеников узвик "Христос Васкрсе!", присутни верници громко одговорише "Васитину Васкрсе!".
Служили су Протојереји Ђуро Самац и Дејан Обрадовић као и дугогодишњи хамилтонски свештеник Протојереј-ставрофор Стеван Стојсављевић.

Радовали су се сви, поготово мала дечица. Многи су се причестили.  На крају су Проте Дејан и Стеван делили нафору а Прота Ђуро јаја која су на Велики Петак офарбали ученици Српске школе. 


St. Nicholas Parish at Nash Rd. Hosts Lenten Vespers

Hamilton, ON March 11, 2018- St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Hamilton, Ontario hosted Lenten Vespers on the 3rd Sunday of Lent, the Adoration of Holy Cross for the Eastern Canadian Deanery.  In attendance were His Grace Bishop of Canada Dr. Mitrofan, Fr. Vojislav Pavlovic from St. Nicholas Church Barton St. Hamilton, Fr. Dusan Gnjatic of Waterloo, Fr. Djuro Samac of Hamilton, Fr. Radovan Kodic of Milton and Burlington, who was the homilist and gave an outstanding speech, Fr. Milorad Delic of Niagara Falls, Fr. Dejan Obradovic of Hamilton, and Deacon Aleksandar Mitrovic from Hamilton. Afterwards everyone was welcomed   to the Church Hall where no seat was to be had for fellowship and lenten dinner.

Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Receives a Half Million Dollar Gift


On Sunday, May 20, 2018, on the feast day of Appearance of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, something very special happened at the Serbian community gathered around the St. Nicholas Cathedral church in Hamilton of our Diocese of Canada. On that day, the hard-working Circle of Serbian Sisters prepared a Slava banquet in honor of their heavenly patron and protector, St. Nicholas.


The celebration began with the Divine Liturgy. Many people gathered at the Cathedral church to lift their prayers up to the Lord God, the giver of all goods and His righteous, our father among the Saints, St. Nicholas.


Very Reverend Fr. Djuro and Fr. Dejan, on behalf of the Slava’s kuma, Mirjana Ivosevic Kobilski, invited everyone to the church hall where the Slava banquet was prepared. After blessing and breaking the Slava kolach, Danica Rakas, the president of the CSS, addressed all those in attendance, expressing her gratitude to all that came to take part in the celebration and all those who help in the work of their church organization


“The reneovation and addition to our church hall is a great project and it is a great need for our parish,” Danica noted and on behalf of the Circle of Sisters gave to the Building Fund $20,000.

On behalf of the cathedral clergy, Prota Dejan greeted everyone and thanked all of those who help in the progress of their community.

The president of the Building Committee, Vlado Sobot, spoke about all that already been achieved in the expansion project and renovation of the hall. A video presentation was viewed by all and greeted with thunderous applause.

Church board president Miroslav Cucuz, in his address, greeted everyone, particularly the hard working Kolo Sestara and expressed his gratitude to one long-time parishioner who, together with his wife, donated $500,000 to the Building Fund! The entire hall was filled with the sound of applause. All eyes were directed at one table where Dane Djukic sat with his wife Ursula, as fellow parishioners approached to greet them.

As a token of gratitude of this act of great love for this Church and people, the Cathedral clergy said that they would regularly offer prayers for the salvation of their souls while Miroslav Cucuz, as church board president, said that at the entrance of the new hall a plaque would be placed with the names Dane and Ursula Djukic, great benefactors of the St. Nicholas Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Canada.


This great and significant gift to our community in Hamilton, gathered around the Cathedral Church, represents a huge step in realizing this important undertaking in the renovation and expansion of the hall.

We hope that, with God’s help and through the prayers of St. Nicholas, we will begin with this project very soon.



Djuro Samac

Another successful Building Fund Fundraising event.

Golf tournament Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Their Royal Highness visited

St. Nicholas Cathedral in Hamilton!

Bishop Teodosije visited St. Nicholas Serbian

Orthodox Cathedral in Hamilton

Christmas at our church

Celebration of Chuches Saints Day 2020

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