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Saint Sava Celebration 2020

Serbian Church School


First Place on The Religion Quiz

Each parent is proud of they're child's achievements either in school, sports, in folklore, or life in general .

Children of the Serbian School at the Cathedral of the Diocese of the Canadian Church of Sv. Father Nikolai, who took part in the Children's Assembly in the Monastery of Christ's Transfiguration in Milton, put a smile on the face of  their parents, priests, teachers and the entire Serb community in Hamilton.


On Saturday, June 10, 2017, about seventy students from seven Serbian schools gathered at the Children's Assembly. They competed from Orthodox religious education, Serbian history and Serbian language. The questions were not easy, but it was therefore a strong desire to justify the trust shown, and that the effort and time they spent had a deserved acknowledgment.


And finally, when the winner was declared, the joy of children, parents and their priest Djuro was great. All the years of attendance of the Serbian school and religious education paid off in the end.


It should be pointed out that the pupils of the Serbian School of St. Father Nicholas of Hamilton at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Canada won the first place in the knowledge of the religion in 2010, and this victory continued the tradition and once again demonstrated and demonstrated their dedication to the Orthodox faith and the teachings of Christ and the testimony of the Gospel.

Serbian School Field Trip to Pioneer Village 2017

Church School

Serbian church school officially opened September 18, 1964 and consisted of 76 students with Hamilton Priest Borko Borcic as the first teacher.

At a church meeting on July 1969 it was decided that a church newspaper, “GLASNIK,” would be printed. It is in this publication that the children of 2013 received a section under the name “Glasnicic”. An amateur group of student-actors was formed and have performed in short form, the following plays: Little Red Riding Hood, House of the Hedgehog, Blowfly Palace, Wolf and the Seven Lambs, Grandpa’s Birthday, The Three Pigs, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella. We have had the pleasure of hosting Belgrade-actors from the “Pan Theater,” which performed the play “Horse Tooth of our King.”  We were also delighted by the members of the children’s theatre group, “Pulse Theatre”, from Toronto who  performed “Charlotte’s Web.”


In the last ten years our school of the Serbian Language has been recognized by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

In order to preserve the religion and tradition, every grade has their own slava and the teachers and the priests make sure that the icon, the bread, wheat and candle are found on the table of celebrators.


Our priests, Father Djuro Samac and Father Milojko Dimitric, give us the blessing every Friday and they participate  in the planning of all aspects our Serbian Church School.


It is with pride that we proclaim that we are the oldest school of the Serbian language in this territory. We will never desert our religion and language and are happy that we live in a country which supports and contributes to safeguarding of our mother language and the culture of all societies so that we may try to transfer our national identity to new generations.


The students of our school participate in the yearly competitions held at the Monastery in Milton and they have achieved remarkable results in religion, history and culture, as well as in the Serbian language.


With hard work and much effort by the administration of the Serbian school, in 2008 the school bought new furniture (school desks and chairs) and in that way renewed the school’s inventory. In the years that followed all classes were painted, much resource material was purchased for the execution of our lectures, and a projector for the showing of movies or other video material was purchased. The Executive of the Serbian school have tried to provide  much support and guidance to the teachers and students so that their experience was as rewarding and enriched as possible. Over the years the school has organized many trips, educational in nature, for the students; including a trip to the Planetarium in Hamilton and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto We have also organized a fun trip at the end of each school year.

Many student volunteers have passed through the school, helping teachers, and in so doing have earned their volunteer certificate required to graduate from high school. Because they as well as the previous teachers, administrators and parent volunteers have all been an integral part of our success, we thank them and wish them many blessings from God.


Easter Celebration in our Church


Students of the Serbian school recited at the Church Slava!

Serbian School Trip to Serbian Museum in Windsor

Saint Sava Celebration

St.Sava Day Celebration

On Saturday January

27, 2018, St. Sava day celebration took place with participation of children attending Serbian school at St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Hamilton.


Words of appreciation

 addressed to guests, parents, teachers and especially to our children came from Mr. Milan Matijevic, vice-president of the Church-school congregation and Serbian school.


“I hope you will agree with me, when I say that this St. Sava day celebration was one of the best in the past  years. Not that I am saying that previous celebrations were of poor quality or less value, but this one looked to me as unforgettable.


Starting with our children at the stage, with our priests, V.Rev Djuro and V. Rev. Dejan, Our Father, three hymns, kumovi Branko and Sladjana Savic with their children Stefan and Milana and our children in their folklore costumes from our folklore organizations.


All of you had the opportunity to see your children on the stage, from JK/SK to grade eight. You saw and heard them, how unbelievably easy they performed their recitals and shows in Serbian language  the performances of our children last night was sufficient to fill our hearts

with pride and happiness by seeing and hearing our children and their command of our Serbian language. Considering that we have a school generation that was 100% born and raised in Canada, and with such a good command of Serbian language we have witnessed

at St. Sava day celebration, believe me, we proudly can say that you as parents succeeded in accomplishing the very difficult task to secure our Serbian language alive, to preserve identity of your children and your culture, and the most important your faith.


Children, of course come to school to socialise, to be happy among their friends, and of course that our teachers are at their disposal to help them and support them either in Serbian or English languages.


With such a good foundation of our Serbian language, our children are capable to become familiar with many historical facts, Serbian history, culture, faith and many other interesting facts from our past.


All this is achievable with help from our teachers and our priests and of course our parents as they l can teach our children at their homes, but this can not replace social aspect, friendship, excursions, picnics, celebrations and Fridays at Serbian School at St. Nicholas Serbian

Orthodox Cathedral at Nash Rd. in Hamilton.


A special thank you goes to our students Emilija and Natalija for their fantastic performance as MC, it was not an easy task. Thanks also goes out to our priests and teachers. Thank you dear parents who helped in the kitchen, at the bar, selling cakes and tickets. Thanks

to Circle of Serbian Sisters and their support and hard work in the kitchen.


Thanks goes to all our sponsors, as without their support the success of our celebration would not be so great.


But before all and most of all thanks goes to our Heavenly Father and our Saint Sava.



On behalf of

St. Nicholas Serbian School

Milan Matijevic

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